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LFC 12 Matching Under Way

If you're interested in fighting on one of the UK's fastest growing shows then get in touch today!

First off: 1 place left in our Welterweight 4 man event for the LFC Amateur Welterweight Strap.. Who wants the last spot?

Here are some Amateur Match ups also needed.

Amateur MMA 57kg Record: 0.1 77kg Record: Debut 77kg Record: Debut 77kg Record: 2.0 84kg Record: 2.2

Amateur K1 Female 48kg -50kg Record: Debut Female 48kg -50kg Record: 1.0 61kg Record 3.4.1 66kg Record:1.3.0 70kg Record: 2.3.0

If you can match any of these or want fighters on this show inbox me today.

All fighters must belong to a gym.

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