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LFC 7 - UPRISING.. Wow what to say!

The fights on this show were amazing. So many back and forth fights which could have gone either way so many times.

Two great fights that I definitly want to mention first are; Daniel Movahedi's fight of the night between Serkan Erdem and Ashraf Imran Miah who put on great display in their K1 Bout.

Also another great K1 Fight was Steve Keen and Kit Wei who were in a back and forth WAR. Amazing fights guys.

Also we see a great movement and striking display from the New LFC Lightweight K1 Champ Alexandru Curcudel from Premier MMA. Great skills.

Now, I cant mention that title without the others; the Lightweight vacant MMA Title was a rubber match between Ryan Barby and Scott Butters, who this time took the win and the title with great submission in 1st round. Well done Scott our new LFC Amateur Lightweight MMA Champ.

Along with the lightweight amateur we had the PRO MMA Lightweight title being defended by French man Jonathan 'Suplex' Giannone, who this time was up against the highly experienced Jordan Miller who showed straight away why he is undetermined by many and dodged by so many at the same time and is now our new LFC PRO MMA Lightweight Champ.

I could mention so many other fights but I'd be here all day. I just want to thank all last minute fighters who stepped up and were warriors and not giving bull shit excuses. Respect to you all.

Now huge thank you to everyone involved in the show.. Refs, judges, timekeepers, fighters, coaches, medics, our cut-man, commentators, MC, our stunning Ring Girls; Kia and Jess, our runners, admin team, media team, sponsors, filming crew, front house staff, security, venue staff, all my students who helped carry and break down the cage with my set up manager Mike.. I am sure i have probably missed some more people but just Thank you again and now for LFC 8 - JUNE 5TH..

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